Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Review: Lush's Happy Pill

Yesterday I tried the Happy Pill from Lush. I bought it because I needed cheering up, and even if only a psychological mind game, the name and smell did lure me in. It contains lemon, mandarin and grapefruit so the smell if a very citrussy one, which I love.

I dropped in a bath of warm water as advised. It immediately started fizzing, moving about the bathtub quite rapidly at first. The immediate smell was beautiful, filling my bathroom. The bath turned a bright but milky yellow quite rapidly, which was quite nice in my opinion (picture below). On getting in the bath, the smoothness of the water immediately effected me in a good way. Already my skin was feeling really smooth. After a few minutes the sm
ell was extremely mild, but maybe I was just used to it. I feel that maybe the main happiness I gained was sitting in a brightly coloured bath that made me feel lusciously soft. Although I felt no different when getting out of the bath. I may repurchase anyway, just for the happy aura it gives off. :)


- The smell filling the room
- The colour did not stain the bath
- Smooth on the skin
- Contains lemon which is meant to be good for, got some goodness in there!

- £2.86 for a bath. I know this is average, even cheap, for Lush products, but their bath ballistics are gone in one.
- I didn't feel any different skin-wise once dried off.


  1. I love the bath bombs and bubble bars. I usually split them so I can get more than one bath out of them though. They are expenive for something you can only use once! xo

  2. I think it's worth the price, 'cause I don't use them often and it's sooo nice while your in the there!

    nicola xx

  3. @Emma; I am always tempted to do that, especially with the Happy Pill as it looks so easy to split...but then I don't feel I'm getting the best out of it. xxx

    @Nicola; That's what I tell myself...I rarely use bath bombs and such as a treat, not a weekly thing, so the odd £3 is acceptable, right? & Lush bath bombs are tons better than the 3 for £1.50 packs in drug stores, right? Yeahhhh :) xxx

  4. Lovely stuff, but that colour? My OH wouldn't be able to resist making comments about peeing in the bath :)

  5. @Lipglossiping; Haha! I did think that when I saw it, but thought I'd try to overcome that thought. The smell takes it away anyway :P

  6. ive always thought the bath bombs are expensive considering theyre gone so quickly!