Sunday, 2 August 2009

C'est moi!

Before I start with a tag/survey thing, just have to mention the amazing competition going at Glitter and Love
for Lush and Barry M products - follow and enter!

& I saw this tag the other day at DollyMix184 and thought I'd do it....

The Vital Statistics -

Me - Steph(anie) - either's cool.
Nicknames - Pix, Toes, Wef.
Birthday - 28th March 1989
Place of Birth - Chesterrr.
Zodiac Sign - Aries.
Male or Female - Female.
Occupation - Uni Student.
Residence - Chester or Canterbury.
Screen Name - On MSN? Stephhh.

Appearance -

Hair Colour - Dark brown. Although currently died a deep red.
Hair Length - Mid-back.
Eye Colour - Bluey greeney greyish mush.
Best Feature - Oooh, I don't know. People say my smile? I quite like my lips.
Height - 5'3"
Braces - Never had them, thankfully!
Glasses - Yes, well, no. I wear contacts. I broke my glasses and didn't bother repurchasing.
Piercings - Ear lobes, tragus and tongue.
Tattoos - None. I kinda want a butterfly design, and always have. But I worry it's so cliché/tramp stampy. We'll see. I'll probably leave it as I'm happy without body art and they're too permanent to risk. Piercings person, me.
Righty or Lefty - Righty.

Your 'Firsts'

First Best Friend - Alice.
First Award - I actually don't remember.
First Sport you joined - Me and sport? Haha.
First Real Vacation - Cornwall.
First Concert - 30 Seconds To Mars.
First Love - Oooh, it's all over now.

Movie - A Walk To Remember.
TV Show - Sex And The City, Friends...easy watching like that. I'm not a telly person.
Song - The Reason - Hoobastank, Stigmatized - The Calling, Far Away - Nickelback, One Thing - Finger Eleven are a select few.
Candy - Crispy M&Ms.
Restaurant - Zizzi - their goats cheese & spinach ravioli is beautifulll.
Store - Miss Selfridge, H&M, New Look...the usual high street kind.
School - Favourite school? Errr... I prefer uni. :)
Book - Picture of Dorian Gray - Oscar Wilde, The Warrior's Princess - Babara Erskine, Possession - A.S.Byatt.
Magazine - Glamour firstly, then Cosmopolitan, Elle, More.
Shoes - Vans.


Feeling - Stressed, hungry, lazyyy.
Single or Taken - Taken.
Eating - Nothing.
Typing - Why do these 'currently' things ALWAYS ask this!?
Online - Yes.
Listening to - The Reason - Hoobastank.
Thinking about - Money.
Wanting - Money. A job.
Watching - Nothing.
Wearing - Jeans and my uni hoodie.


Want Children? Yepyep.
Want to be Married? Yes.
Careers in Mind - Counsellor, or teacher.
Where do you want to Live? UK...not fussed, so long as it's fairly respectable. In the country, but with a nearby town/city but like now...but don't want to live in the same place all my life. Cambridge seems nice?

Have you ever..?

Kissed a Stranger? Yeah.
Had Alcohol? Yes.
Smoked? Yeah.
Ran away from home? No.
Broken a Bone? No.
Got an X-Ray? Yeah.
Broken someones heart - Yeah.
Broken Up with Someone - Yeah.
Cried when someone died - Yeah.
Cried at School - Yep.

Do You Believe In:

God - Hmm.
Miracles - Nah. Fate.
Love at First sight - No.
Ghosts- Yes.
Aliens - I dunno. I believe there could be life on other planets that's smart enough to travel to other planets if they had the equipment....but at the same time, no. I don't believe little green men have built flashing disc-shaped vehicles.
Soul Mates - Yes.
Heaven - Yes.
Hell - No.
Kissing on the first date - Yes.
Yourself - Yes. But I always get the feeling no one else does.

Le fin. xxx


  1. Thankyou for mentioning my comp hun :)


  2. thankyou for your comment :)
    i agree with everything you said & it means a lot!! lovely blog btw xxxx