Friday, 14 August 2009

Review: Bourjois So Laque!


I gave myself a French manicure last night.

Used -
Natural collection Crystal Clear
Bourjois So Laque! 13 Rose Lounge
Wet 'n' Wild (what's happened to them!?!) Manic White

I'd been needing a new colour as I only had a bottle of the white tip, so I went into to T.J.Hughes for a bottle of £2 stuff as they always sell good brands discounted. I fell upon this bottle of So Laque! by Bourjois, liked the colour, so bought it. Anyway, I next popped into Boots for a browse and I find out that So Laque! is new!?!? Retailing for about £7? But currently on some introductory offer for £5? Go T.J's!! There is an absolutely goooorgeous purpley colour that I mustmustmust have though. I went back to T.J's to see if I'd missed it, but unfortunately I hadn't. Full price for that one.

Anyway, review about So Laque!:

-Pretty, natural, pink colour.
-"Enriched with Vinyl" it says.
-"Lasts up to 7 days" it says. It seems pretty hardcore so I'll go with that for now.
-Luuurve the packaging!
-It's sold at

-Takes 3 coats to get given colour on the nail.
-Takes an age to dry properly - an hour later I went to get bread out of the packet and my nails messed up a bit. Although I admit I forgot a top coat of clear.
-£7? Ouch!

Repurchase? Naaah.

Although this is the colour I must get one day:

Alrighteo guys, lotsa love xxx


  1. Is this really in TJHughes!? I've always wanted this, but didn't want to pay £7! x

  2. @BooJenkinson; Thank you. It was an 18th birthday present from friends...came with a matching necklace. x

    @Alice; It is! It's on it's third day now and still looks I'll change my repurchasing idea. For £2 I defo will. £7 if I was a rich kid! It is good stuff. x

  3. OMG OMG I soo want that purple one too.
    I said I'd go buy it but .. yeah ..
    Anyhoo shame they didn't work out for you (: I like these a lot
    Lovely nails :]

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    love lots,

    dear, i love the color =)

  5. That looks like a great colour!

    Great blog!


  6. I think you did a fantastic job! I love french manicure:)

  7. Hi, I'm leaving a comment for you because you have a wonderfully beautiful blog. I've really enjoyed reading your posts and got really absorbed by them ! You have fabulous pictures too. Thanks for sharing them all and best wishes....

  8. how do you get your french manicure to look so professional? it looks really good! :)

  9. Yeh I bought some in a berry colour - wasn't so impressed but the colour was luuurvely!

    I'm having a giveaway on my blog to win $80 worth of jewelry! Anyone with a blog can enter :-)

    nicola xx