Saturday, 1 August 2009

Firstly, thank you to my new followers! :)

Just thought I'd update you with a quick Superdrug & Boots & Works shopping trip I did last week. Nothing that exciting, but whatev. There won't be another shopping trip update for at least a month now...just found out I have 62p to my name...and I can't get my overdraft 'til September. :( So it'll be reviews from now on! But anyway, here goes:

1. Superdrug Tea Tree Cleansing Wipes
I had previously used Wilko's own tea tree wipes, but I was in a town without one so I just nipped into Superdrug instead. Good price...something like £1.40 for 30 wipes. However, they STINGGG my face. I don't even have sensitive skin. Is this common for tea tree oil products??

2. GOSH 134 Darling Velvet Touch Lipstick
Definitely not as red as appeared as in this pic! But I do like it. I've wanted it for aaages so glad to finally have it. Has a beautiful feeling on the lips (velvety...), but does need a lot of coats to really work for me. I've not worn it properly for-the-day yet...but I'm guessing re-applications will be in order. Lovely nude finish though!

Boots (Natural Collection Eyeshadows)

1. Willow
I saw this for the first time the other week, and had sleepless nights over it! I had to go back for it! I absolutely love's just a nude colour for the lid with a very very slight shimmer. Beautiful. Been looking for one since I finished one similar from H&M which I suppose is discontinued as I'm talking about 5 years.

2. Butterscotch
Similar to Willow, but has a slightly more pinky/peachy undertone.

3. Lilac Shimmer
Not very pigmented, but has a leaves a lovely pale lilac 'sheen' really.

3 for a fiver deal! Or £1.65 each. I tried to swatch, but the camera wasn't having it as they're all pretty skin-coloured anyway. I prefer nude eyeshadows to build up boldness with liner and mascara. :)

The Works

I swear I don't judge a book by it's cover! I picked the top one because I enjoy historical fiction stories, and the bottom too (as well for the same reason) because they're set in Revolutionary France which I will be studying next year at will probs help somewhat. :) 3 for a fiver deal, or £1.99 each! (Oxford store, so maybe all of the bigger ones.)

So anyway yeah, I have a few reviews coming up. After using Eyeko's mascara for a week now it's grown on me - absolute new favourite. Shhhh - don't tell Maybelline. But I'll do a review on that even though I'm sure I'll be jumping on bandwagon a bit late. Then a couple of hair products. I dunno. Anyone want to send me some money?

I'll be off now. Thanks again for following. Lotsa lovecakes! xxx


  1. Blahh I'm so on the fence about GOSH 134! I wanted it for ages but when I tried it I found it really oily so it didn't stay put for very long at all.. I don't know if I just got a dodgy one though D:
    And yeah tea tree stuff screws me over XD and my skin is 'arrrd. Not physically hard, of course, I just mean it can take a lot! haha :) xo

  2. @ Leanne

    Oily is the right word! I applied a gloss over the top to set it but it just wiped it off! & it goes blotchy so so easily. So I'm just gonna try different techniques of making it appear a bit more even. I really like the colour is all.

    Shame about tea tree oil. I want it to like me! x

  3. I love historical books- have you read The Other Boleyn Girl? I really enjoyed it!x

  4. @twinsoul888 - thank you! :)

    @Daisy - I haven't! It's one I'm interested in, but I always have a reading list a metre long so never get round to reading some. One day eh! Cheers for the reccommendation. :)