Monday, 10 August 2009

A few purchases to make me feel better :)


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So I've been a bit in the dumps recently due to breaking up with my boyfriend last week. My doing, but I'm proper gutted all the same. So, although VERY poor and waiting impatiently for 1st September so I can get my overdraft extended (yes, I am the poorest student of students), I had to get something to cheer me up. Sooo very very little because I do have to be careful with my pennies, but here we go:
1. The Happy Pill from Lush.
" Fizz right back to happiness: one part refreshing grapefruit, one part cheerful mandarin and lemon. Drop into a warm bath for fizz and fragrance."
I can't wait to try this! Will give it a go sometime soon this week. The mandarin and lemon half smells beautiful! Not a fan of grapefruit anyway though.

2. W7 lipstick in 'Soft Lilac'
Omg I luuuuurve this! I really wanted to pick up a mauve colour and a baby pink colour, so I went into T.J.Hughes. If you live near one, you'll know that they do a lot of drug store brands for cheaper prices, and also cheap brands. This lipstick was £1! There was a stunning baby pink by the brand 'Makeup Academy' for 99p but they only had a mini tester out (which I considered taking....then thought, that has to be illegal? Even if it's 1cm high, right?) and I was in too much of a rush to ask a member of staff to go check "in the back" as I say. Going back to town on Thursday though...fingers crossed they have it. Here's some pics of Soft Lilac....

&& that's all folks!

One little question for you Lush purchasers: how do you store your bath ballistics/emotibombs? They're reccommended to be used fresh - if that's not a bit of disclaimer nonsense, what's the best way to keep them good as new? Cheers in advance!

Oooh, and also, today I donned my happy yellow (134) Barry M nail paint to get me feeling happy and bright. It's considered ghastly by my family, but I absolutely adore it. :D

Ok, really, I'm going now! Love you all! xxx


  1. ooooh i have that barry m nailpolish aswell and i looove it. the colour is perfect <3
    love kamy

  2. That Barry M nail polish is gorgeous!