Sunday, 9 August 2009

My 3 Favourite Nail Polishes


This is my entry for The Nail Buff's contest to win Nails Inc Sole Sensations pedicure pack! Defo check it out - her blog is a really good one!

Anyway here goes:

1. 'Antique Coral' by Natural Collection
Lovelovelove this colour. It's a bright coral. & it's nicely shiney - if you look closely there are tiny tiny blue sparkles in it...however this is totally unnoticeable on the nails. But absolute stunner of a colour! & for £1.95 I didn't bother looking at any other coral shades from higher priced competitors.

2. 'Unique' by Star Gazer.
...At least I think it's called Unique. It's the only word on the packaging that looks like it could be the name. I got this from New Look for £2.50. It's a beautiful metallic sea-turquoise. GORGEOUS. Very versatile, so I take this when I go away for a few days with a bunch of different coloured outfits hehe.

3. 'Birds of Paradise' by Jessica.
Purple is my favourite colour, and this is a beautiful bright purple. I prefer a dark shade of purple usually, but this shade is perfect to make my nails stand out. I got this from a salon in a De Vere hotel as a gift...but this brand usually costs about £8.95.

I definitely like my nails to stand out as I don't really wear bright colours, and my makeup is generally quite neutral.

Will be updating very soon! Lotsa lovecakes! xxx


  1. I have the antique coral! I love it so much. I have quite a few corals (the usuals - Revlon Tropical Temptation, Barry M Coral etc) but this one is just as good. I love the shimmer in it. xo

  2. I love natural collection polishes such great value! I love your blog keep up the great work :) xoxox

  3. @Emma - Tropical Temptation does look so so nice. I'm always tempted. I'll definitely use up Antique Coral before I stray though. x

    @Lullabelle17 - They are! Their colours are gooorgeous. Although I feel they peel off very easily? Probably because I use their clear as the base & top coat too. & thank youu! :) x

  4. Oooh, I love Stargazers polishes, their really bright and pretty. Your blog is so cute. i'm going to follow :) XOXO