Tuesday, 21 July 2009

First post - hello!

Ooook, so I made a new blog. My last one was giving me no motivation whatsoever to get started. Only, I have no followers yet....so I'm just gonna go around and about following some interesting blogs myself, making comments, and just hope I get somewhere somehow? I don't understand blogspot just yet...more a livejournal girl back in the days.

I'm very into the average girly things: makeup, accessories, shopping, reading etc. So expect lots of that when I blog. :) Oooh, surveys/tags too.

I won't be updating for a few days as I'm going to stay with my boyfriend until Friday. Speaking of him, I've posted a pic of the flowers he got delivered to my door when I was poorly with a 48hr sick bug ha. Sweet, or what?

So, yep, please follow and give me a chance! :P Will update lots, and soon!

Lotsa lovecakes xxx

1 comment:

  1. Hey, welcome to the blogging world!Good luck with your blog and come say hi on mine sometime x